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Fucking Legendary

Those of us who lived with Mom and knew her well managed to summarize her entire crazy life with just two words: Fucking Legendary. We were all quite satisfied with that as her unofficial epitaph. At the service however, we knew that two words just wouldn't cut it. Below is the full eulogy I spoke aloud at the service, shared with all of you now in attempt to honor her memory who have been following what has been transpiring. Thank you for listening - Greg VanEck


Cindy - 09/30/60 -- 10/29/10

Cindy Jones gave birth to three kids. But I can’t even begin to count how many others have felt comfortable enough to call her “mom” during her lifetime. Mom made friends everywhere she went. If you were a good friend, she treated you like family. She was selfless when it came to friends and family. Cindy was someone special to everyone who connected with her. She was an artist to her core, and made every interaction and experience with her something unique.

She always understood that life was short, and that we all only get one shot. She never let anyone or anything stand in her way from getting whatever it was she wanted out of life. She would always try to figure out a way, no matter what the cost, no matter what sacrifices had to be made.

Cindy fought hard all the way to the end. The nurses pumped her with enough medications to drop an elephant. She had a disease spreading through her body faster than the doctors could keep track of. But she refused to let that break her spirit. She still retained that razor sharp wit and sense of humor we all knew and loved. She still had her lust for life.

Four nights before the end, she told me she didn’t want everyone crying over her. She said she didn’t want all of us going out and getting drunk either. She didn’t want us all here thinking about her being sick. She didn’t want our pity. She wanted us to remember her for how she lived. Free spirited. Relentless. Passionate. Unique.
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