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News - April 2011

- We distributed our newsletter today with an exclusive link to preview our newest song "Invisible Enemy". This song will soon be featured on an upcoming Japan benefit compilation currently being organized by Android Lust and Synthellec Music. More details on this coming soon!

We are encouraging our listeners to join our mailing list because it is the most direct and reliable method for us to communicate with you. Social networks like the now defunct Myspace and the ever changing for the worse Facebook come and go. Email however will always be relevant and to the point.


- We are currently booking shows for the Summer and Fall seasons of 2011. We are not touring, but we are looking for interesting one-off opportunities to perform while we complete our next EP, expected to be finished this year. Promoters and bands interested in booking or working with us should contact us as soon as possible as our schedule is already filling up.

- Our new YouTube profile is active and we intend to post monthly video blogs exhibiting what we are doing musically, artistically, and whatever other adventures we get into. Text is boring and we like to share imagery from behind the scene.


- We will be performing in Pittsburgh twice during the month of May. Each performance will be unique and feature different selection of songs and visuals. Up first we will be performing with Asche and Analog Pleasure Model at the Brillobox for "From the Ashes". This will be our first live performance of 2011, and our first Prometheus Burning event in almost a year. Expect changes. Following that, we will be headlining at the Atrocity Exhibition 2011 at the Rex Theater on May 14th, performing alongside many other talented musicians, artists, and performers. The lineup is simply too grand to list here. Check the links below.



As always, thank you for listening.
Nikki / Greg
Prometheus Burning
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