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Pale Blue Dot - Japan benefit comp

pale blue dot

We have a new Prometheus Burning song featured on the Pale Blue Dot compilation, which was just released today! All proceeds from Pale Blue Dot are going to benefit the people and animals of Japan who are currently dealing with the aftermath of the recent devastating Earthquake and Tsunami. Thousands were killed. Even more were left displaced. To top it off, they also have a nuclear meltdown to deal with. Read this article published just today about the brave senior citizens of Japan volunteering for what they are calling the "nuclear suicide corps" to try and help recover from this disaster which is still uncontrolled two months since the initial meltdown (CNN article).

Pale Blue Dot was organized by Shikhee of Android Lust, mastered by Japan resident Gregg Janman of Hermetech Mastering, and is available for preview and purchase from Bandcamp. The compilation is also available from Amazon and iTunes. See the track list and artist lineup below:

01. Collide ~ Crushed
02. Avi Ghosh ~ All That's Left Of Us
03. Advent Dawn ~ A Portrait In Mind
04. My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult ~ Death Threat
05. Mankind Is Obsolete ~ Picking at the Scab (Live mix by Sylvia Massy)
06. Abrasions ~ All Ashes
07. I, Parasite ~ White
08. Prometheus Burning ~ Invisible Enemy
09. Roughhausen ~ A Momentary Lapse
10. Android Lust ~ Man Descends
11. kAlte fArben ~ Braintrashed Love
12. R010R ~ Exogenesis
13. Anthony Baldino ~ Small Distances
14. Explosives For Her Majesty ~ Frayed
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