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ATARI OTTO VON BURNING - Sat, Sept 24th, 2011   
03:30pm 14/09/2011
  This will be our last Pittsburgh performance of 2011. Come on out and head bang the 3D gabber kicks flying at your pussy skulls.


Drusky Entertainment & Grey Area Productions Presents:

with special guests

We have tickets for sale, cheaper than Ticket Master if you contact us directly, or buy them at Ticketmaster outlets, Ticketmaster.com, & by calling 1-800-745-3000

Buy Online:

RSVP on facebook here:
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Viscerex Complex Tour - Thursday, Sept 8th, 2011   
04:19pm 31/08/2011

Android Lust & Roughhausen with I, Parasite
and very special guest Prometheus Burning






$12 adv // $15 at door

31st Street Pub
3101 Penn Avenue

Advance tickets now available at Eides
or by contacting Prometheus Burning
04:53pm 26/08/2011

The Theologian / Four Pi Movement collaboration cassette "The Destroyer" is out now! Limited to a release of 40 and comes with a Four Pi Movement logo T-Shirt. An hours worth of dark experimental electronic music ranging from droning ambiance to crushing rhythmic noise. $20 dollars gets you everything.

More info and sound examples HERE.
ILLUSIONS - Saturday, Sept 3rd, 2011   
11:51am 24/08/2011
  We will be guest DJ'ing at ILLUSIONS, spinning up some dark dance selections.


saturday september 3rd


occult cosmic dance ritual

featuring the best of new and classic dark dancefloor sounds
occult techno, cosmic disco, post punk, death rock, witch house
minimal wave, shimmering bass, haunted pop, dark alternative, etc.

with audio and video selections from
cutups, ed um, tella and vaneck

downstairs at Cattivo 146 44th St.
Two blocks off Butler St, Lawrenceville.

9PM - 2AM. $3 Cover. 21+

RSVP on Facebook
Caustic Zombies - Saturday, Aug 13th, 2011   
04:48pm 09/08/2011
  We are performing at the CAUSTIC ZOMBIES event this Saturday, August 13th, in Pittsburgh at Altar Bar. This is an ALL AGES event, and we have tickets for sale! See the details below or RSVP on Facebook HERE.


Read more...Collapse )
Sinferno - Saturday, July 23rd, 2011   
09:18am 18/07/2011

We will be performing live at Sinferno, Saturday July 23rd in Pittsburgh, upstairs stage at around 11:30pm.

This will be a very somber set this time around, as we intend on performing some of our slower material, some never performed live before.

$5 admission, doors open at 9:00pm, 21+ only.
RSVP on Facebook here.
I <3 Industrial - Friday, Aug 5th, 2011   
08:40pm 13/07/2011
  flyer small

Leech of Navicon Torture Technologies / Theologian will be joining us onstage when we perform at the I LOVE INDUSTRIAL event in Philly, Friday August 5th!

Click HERE to RSVP on Facebook.
Pale Blue Dot - Japan benefit comp   
05:27pm 01/06/2011
  pale blue dot

We have a new Prometheus Burning song featured on the Pale Blue Dot compilation, which was just released today! All proceeds from Pale Blue Dot are going to benefit the people and animals of Japan who are currently dealing with the aftermath of the recent devastating Earthquake and Tsunami. Thousands were killed. Even more were left displaced. To top it off, they also have a nuclear meltdown to deal with. Read this article published just today about the brave senior citizens of Japan volunteering for what they are calling the "nuclear suicide corps" to try and help recover from this disaster which is still uncontrolled two months since the initial meltdown (CNN article).

Pale Blue Dot was organized by Shikhee of Android Lust, mastered by Japan resident Gregg Janman of Hermetech Mastering, and is available for preview and purchase from Bandcamp. The compilation is also available from Amazon and iTunes. See the track list and artist lineup below:

01. Collide ~ Crushed
02. Avi Ghosh ~ All That's Left Of Us
03. Advent Dawn ~ A Portrait In Mind
04. My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult ~ Death Threat
05. Mankind Is Obsolete ~ Picking at the Scab (Live mix by Sylvia Massy)
06. Abrasions ~ All Ashes
07. I, Parasite ~ White
08. Prometheus Burning ~ Invisible Enemy
09. Roughhausen ~ A Momentary Lapse
10. Android Lust ~ Man Descends
11. kAlte fArben ~ Braintrashed Love
12. R010R ~ Exogenesis
13. Anthony Baldino ~ Small Distances
14. Explosives For Her Majesty ~ Frayed
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Beyond Repair - Live 2011   
12:06pm 17/05/2011

Video of "Beyond Repair" being performed live at the Atrocity Exhibition 2011, Vaude-Vile Asylum Cabaret, at the Rex Theater, Pittsburgh, May 14th, 2011.

Special thanks to Courtney "Beautiful Freak" for playing the role of Nikki as a patient of the Vaude-Vile Asylum, and to Sam "Syphir" Jones for filming.

Currently planning to do more with our new YouTube channel in the very near future. Subscribe here: http://www.youtube.com/user/pr0metheusburning
News - April 2011   
09:15pm 14/04/2011

- We distributed our newsletter today with an exclusive link to preview our newest song "Invisible Enemy". This song will soon be featured on an upcoming Japan benefit compilation currently being organized by Android Lust and Synthellec Music. More details on this coming soon!

We are encouraging our listeners to join our mailing list because it is the most direct and reliable method for us to communicate with you. Social networks like the now defunct Myspace and the ever changing for the worse Facebook come and go. Email however will always be relevant and to the point.


- We are currently booking shows for the Summer and Fall seasons of 2011. We are not touring, but we are looking for interesting one-off opportunities to perform while we complete our next EP, expected to be finished this year. Promoters and bands interested in booking or working with us should contact us as soon as possible as our schedule is already filling up.

- Our new YouTube profile is active and we intend to post monthly video blogs exhibiting what we are doing musically, artistically, and whatever other adventures we get into. Text is boring and we like to share imagery from behind the scene.


- We will be performing in Pittsburgh twice during the month of May. Each performance will be unique and feature different selection of songs and visuals. Up first we will be performing with Asche and Analog Pleasure Model at the Brillobox for "From the Ashes". This will be our first live performance of 2011, and our first Prometheus Burning event in almost a year. Expect changes. Following that, we will be headlining at the Atrocity Exhibition 2011 at the Rex Theater on May 14th, performing alongside many other talented musicians, artists, and performers. The lineup is simply too grand to list here. Check the links below.



As always, thank you for listening.
Nikki / Greg
Prometheus Burning
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FROM THE ASHES - May 4th, 2011   
11:46am 30/03/2011
  Our first performance of 2011, and our first live show in almost a year.
Rising from the ashes... the monster is born.

Wednesday, May 4th
WRECKED and FRONT 412 presents:

A night of renegade electronic music

Featuring live performances by:

ASCHE - (Ant-Zen/Germany)
ANALOG PLEASURE MODEL - (feat Shawn Rudiman)

4104 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

21+ Event, $7 in adv. $10 at the door

RSVP on Facebook
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Help Japan. Get free music.   
09:14pm 15/03/2011
  Donate to the Red Cross to help support Japan.
Get a free Prometheus Burning digital album.

Since our first official release "Influenza" in 2004, we have been receiving orders of our music from Japan. We have personally shipped more copies of our albums there than any other international country. In 2008 we released "Retribution", our collaboration album with Japanese Cyberpunk author and literary madman Kenji Siratori. In 2009 our friends in Osaka and fellow electro assassins Uterozzzaaa offered us a small tour in Japan which we sadly had to decline at that time. In 2010 Gregg Janman, a resident of Japan and engineer of Hermetech Studio, mastered our double disk release "Displacement Disorder". It was also around this time when we received a lot of messages from fans and DJ's in Japan like DJ SiSeN sending us their playlists or video clips of people going nuts to our music at events.

TL;DR - Japan has been extremely supportive of Prometheus Burning and we greatly appreciate it. Now we ask you, our listeners and friends, to help return the favor by supporting Japan in their time of tragedy and need.

Donate money to the Red Cross. Forward us your receipt email or send us a screenshot or whatever, showing us that you donated something, ANYTHING, and we will send you a code to download any one of our albums from Bandcamp for FREE.

This offer will stand starting now, March 15th, through March 29th... or possibly longer it people are taking advantage of it and continue to donate. We wish we could offer you more incentive, but that's about all we can do right now beyond donating ourselves, which we did today after it was announced that Japan is now taking international assistance, and working with the Red Cross who just sent an initial $10 million to assist Earthquake and Tsunami survivors.

Read all about it and make your donation by clicking HERE.
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RE: A Brave New Era of Misogyny   
12:09pm 18/02/2011
  DJ Pathogen has written some heavy words regarding the latest Combichrist video and the subject of the rampant misogyny spreading in some areas of Industrial music. We thank him for summing up in one well-written article a complex subject that we have been troubled over and struggling with in this scene for quite some time now. It seems like for every step of forward progress made in regards to women, power, and respect, we see unimaginative and adolescent garbage like this video attempting to take it two steps back. We hope your words do not fall upon deaf and desensitized ears Matt. If this is a glimpse of the Industrial revolution, music and visuals stripped of all intelligence and artistic substance while appealing to the lowest common denominator, filled with hatred, intolerance, and childish tuff-guy machismo, then it is a bleak and sad future indeed.

Link: http://djpathogen.wordpress.com/2011/02/17/a-brave-new-era-of-misogyny
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Electronic Saviors - Industrial Music to Fund Faith Healing   
04:59pm 10/12/2010

The Electronic Saviors compilation gave nearly $25,000 in total donations to an organization last weekend that calls itself The Foundation for Cancer Research and Wellness. A substantial amount of money that many organizations, big or small, would be extremely grateful to receive. Mom would have been very proud, and we wish she could have held on long enough to see the end result of what everyone worked so hard for and supported over the last year.

Originally we were concerned that this organization was too small and just starting out with no track record. Wouldn't we want to go with a huge organization that has plenty of overhead and already receiving money from a variety of sources? But then we discovered that The Foundation for Cancer Research and Wellness is actually one of many child organizations run by Greg Anderson, all stemming from one of his very large organizations known as The Cancer Recovery Foundation of America. Last year the Cancer Recovery Foundation of America raked in over $30,000,000 as reported on their IRS 990 forms for 2007/2008. Those forms also show that Greg Anderson pocketed nearly $150,000 from those earnings as his personal salary for 2008, just from that org alone. This means we are supporting a big inefficient foundation by proxy. What a relief! The Cancer Recovery Foundation of America also has a "F" quality rating with the AIP, is known for their telemarketing and cold calling to convince people to contribute money, and a quick Google search of their name along with the word "scam" brings up a lot of results. But nobody is perfect right? We are part of something BIG now, and that is the important thing.

Many small non-profit organizations have ties to religion or get funded through churches, as do many Hospitals and Hospices. Most of them offer free information, counseling, and support to people with terminal diseases. Mom was grateful for this to some extent. She was not a religious person, but she was a spiritual person and during her life studied many different spiritual paths, from the occult, to organized religion. She believed in a higher power, and forged her own belief system. She took some comfort where she felt she needed it from these services.

But looking back, we can't help but wonder just how good were these services she was being offered or received? They were FREE after all, being offered by volunteers. There is no way they can compare to services Greg Anderson, the founder of The Foundation for Cancer Research and Wellness, and his library of moderately priced books on the power of faith, and his "Bible Survival kits" can offer. We also doubt not all of those services she received were deeply connected with The United Methodist Church as Michael Gingerich, the Foundations Co-Founder is, being an ordained Elder and has served in congregations for over 20 years. A church that does not believe in Homosexuality and states “The United Methodist Church does not condone the practice of Homosexuality and considers this practice incompatible with Christian teaching". They also make it clear that "Ceremonies that celebrate homosexual unions shall not be conducted by our ministers and shall not be conducted in our churches".

If only mom would have known about The Foundation for Cancer Research and Wellness sooner, she could have bought the $25 Hope Rocks they offer (shipping included), followed their "Wellness Pyramid", obtained the Bible Study and Survival Kits, and taken her daily dose of 5,000 IU of Vitamin D the foundation recommends for people with cancer, maybe she'd still be here today?

Maybe if she would have read Greg Anderson's illuminating non-medical, faith healing based advice that he provides on his "Ask Greg FAQ" section of the Foundations website, she could have had more time on this Earth. For example, we especially love the part where he says "A doctor doesn’t know... they have just rendered a medical opinion but it is not an informed opinion... If you don’t expect things to get better, then nothing will get better. God has promised to meet us at our level of expectancy. That’s what Jesus is telling us in Matthew 9:29 when he boldly states, “According to your faith be it done unto you.” One translation states it very succinctly: “Have what your faith expects.” to a woman asking how long she can expect her husband to live after being diagnosed with Stage 3B Non Small Cell Cancer in his lungs. Obviously since having faith worked him, it must work for everyone. Clearly mom should have just ignored the nonsense her doctors said, telling her she had only weeks to live, and kept on going as if she had all the time in the world instead of making preparations or trying to come to terms with her mortality. If only she would have had more faith in God, and EXPECTED more life, maybe God would have given it to her? According to your faith be it done unto you... so profound.

If only more cancer research was focused on the "study communication between medical professionals and patients, in an effort to provide transformational change" as the Foundation describes the type of "research" they put their resources toward. Good to know the funds generated from "Electronic Saviors - Industrial Music to Fight Cancer" is really going to "Fight Cancer" by trying to implement more faith based initiatives within the doctor/patient relationship. Wouldn't want to think all of the hard work and dedication and support everyone put into it would be a wasted effort and not actually "fighting" anything. This is just what everyone was hoping for! Another compilation who's proceeds are going to work AGAINST modern medicine and the evil establishment that just wants to repress our minds, souls, and bodies from behind the mask of "medical advancement" and "scientific research".

To hell with trying to improve older known methods of treatment such as Hormone, Radiation, and Chemo Therapies. Or newer technologies such as Stem Cell Research, Gene Therapy, Immunotherapy, Biotechnology. Or unpatented but optimistic experimental methods like Dichloroacetic treatment, the hundreds of alternative medicine approaches being discovered, or even the study and push for medicinal Marijuana to be legalized and researched within the United States.

To hell with small independent non-profit startup organizations, for example: "Building Resources In Cancer Knowledge & Services", aka BRICKS for Young Adults, located right here in Pittsburgh, the same city that Electronic Saviors was conceived. An organization aimed at providing cancer patients with support and guidance to resources, as well as raising awareness and public education about cancer. Founded last year by an amazingly creative woman named Charissa after her husband Rick passed away from Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Yes indeed, we sure are glad knowing the $25,000 total of Electronic Saviors funds went to The Foundation for Cancer Research and Wellness where it won't be utilized to fund any of those above initiatives. A foundation that is not a member of the AIP, American Institute of Philanthropy. A foundation that didn't even exist last year, or has any track record showing their accomplishments or goals. A foundation that had no information on their website when it was announced as being the receiver of the Electronic Saviors funds for anyone to get any facts explaining what they are all about. A foundation that has no doctors, scientists, or medical staff, but is willing to give phone support on "wellness". A foundation who has a Facebook page offering life saving advice such as "Fluid – pure water - must be continually replaced in appropriate quantities for you to be optimally well"... who knew water was so important to human health and wellness? Without our help, they would probably have never made that groundbreaking discovery.

Every charity watchdog website out there warns about organizations that try to play the "Sympathy Card". They say legit organizations typically don't need to do so because they will willingly share the facts about what they do instead of trying to distract you with guilt. They say it is a "red flag". But we know for certain that Michael Gingerich the ordained Elder was certainly not trying to play that card when he responded to our basic questions about their research:

What types of research does your organization conduct?
What are the names of some of the doctors in your organization, and where can we find some of their research?

Does your organization plan to become a member of the AIP?
Why does the foundation only offer books written by Greg Anderson, the Founder of the organization, ignoring all of the other resources out there?
What type of research data can you provide that your claims of Vitamin D helps fight cancer?
What are some of the accomplishments you have achieved this year?
What are some of your long and short term goals?
What percentage of your donations are spent on administration and fund raising expenses?
Can you provide any documentation concerning that percentage rate?
Can you share with us your IRS 990 form?

...with this answer; "All of us here at Foundation for Cancer Research & Wellness were deeply saddened and hurt to learn that our programs, services, mission, values and motives have been called into question by some of the contributors to the Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer compilation. Following the visit of many contributors to Harrisburg this past weekend, we were feeling very excited and inspired by our interactions and budding relationship. You can imagine how surprised we were to learn that some have concerns about the legitimacy of our work..." Clearly he is a sensitive guy, and we hurt his feelings when we expressed some concerns about what that $25,000 would be used for.

He was even kind enough to email us some wonderfully vague information sheets to help reassure anyone who is concerned about their lack of any actual medical research. We took it upon ourselves to convert them to PDF's and upload for all to absorb while enjoying the warm feelings of accomplishment and success we must all be experiencing:


Merry Christmas everyone.
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R.I.P. Peter Sleazy Christopherson   
01:09pm 25/11/2010

Sleazy has passed on from this plane of existence. R.I.P. you crazy noisy bastard. You have been a huge source of inspiration during your lifetime, and will continue to be with everything you've left behind.

From Ology.com:

Music fans everywhere were saddened to hear that influential graphic designer and industrial musician Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson passed away in his sleep last night. He was 55 years old. Born in Leeds, England, Sleazy came to commercial prominence in the ‘70s as part of the graphic design collective Hipgnosis, creating some of the most iconic album covers of the decade, including Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here and Peter Gabriel’s first three self-titled records. Formed in 1975, the experimental rock group Throbbing Gristle (featuring Sleazy on tape loops, found sounds, and other odd assortments) were one of the earliest influences on industrial and post-punk music of the early to late ‘80s.

Fellow Throbbing Gristle band mates Cosey Fanni Tutti and Chris Carter tweeted the news early Thanksgiving morning: "Our dearest beautiful Sleazy left this mortal coil as he slept in peace last night.words cannot express our grief.” Nine Inch Nails founder Trent Reznor tweeted a quick remembrance: “I awake to sad news. RIP Peter Christopherson - friend and huge inspiration.”

Christopherson was also a member of Psychic TV, Coil, and had recently reunited with Throbbing Gristle for a show at London’s Village Underground. In addition to his design and music work, he was also a noted music video director, shooting iconic videos for Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against The Machine, Erasure, Van Halen, and numerous others. A true rock & roll renaissance man, he will be sorely missed by all of his countless fans, collaborators, friends, and family.
Electronic Saviors raises $20,000   
04:12pm 17/11/2010

The Electronic Saviors compilation raised $20,000 that will be donated to the Foundation For Cancer Research and Wellness. Words can not express how this makes us feel. It saddens us that Mom didn't make it long enough to hear this news, but we know she would have been damn proud. She was a huge fan of the compilation and the concept behind it. She rocked the CD's in her car and sported the stickers on her bumper. She even made it out for the release party while she was still sick post-surgery. Once again, many thanks to all who helped make this possible. It has been an honor to be a part of this. We look forward to going with Jim to present the check on December 4th, as well as being a part of the next Saviors release in 2012.

Below is the official announcement link from Jim: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=178689548813145
ProBurn mailing list   
03:00pm 12/11/2010
  Join our mailing list... get a free song.

Everyone who joins up within the next 30 days will be emailed a link for a new single we will be digitally releasing next month on Bandcamp. Thank you for listening.

Fucking Legendary   
10:02am 10/11/2010
  Those of us who lived with Mom and knew her well managed to summarize her entire crazy life with just two words: Fucking Legendary. We were all quite satisfied with that as her unofficial epitaph. At the service however, we knew that two words just wouldn't cut it. Below is the full eulogy I spoke aloud at the service, shared with all of you now in attempt to honor her memory who have been following what has been transpiring. Thank you for listening - Greg VanEck


Cindy - 09/30/60 -- 10/29/10

Cindy Jones gave birth to three kids. But I can’t even begin to count how many others have felt comfortable enough to call her “mom” during her lifetime. Mom made friends everywhere she went. If you were a good friend, she treated you like family. She was selfless when it came to friends and family. Cindy was someone special to everyone who connected with her. She was an artist to her core, and made every interaction and experience with her something unique.

She always understood that life was short, and that we all only get one shot. She never let anyone or anything stand in her way from getting whatever it was she wanted out of life. She would always try to figure out a way, no matter what the cost, no matter what sacrifices had to be made.

Cindy fought hard all the way to the end. The nurses pumped her with enough medications to drop an elephant. She had a disease spreading through her body faster than the doctors could keep track of. But she refused to let that break her spirit. She still retained that razor sharp wit and sense of humor we all knew and loved. She still had her lust for life.

Four nights before the end, she told me she didn’t want everyone crying over her. She said she didn’t want all of us going out and getting drunk either. She didn’t want us all here thinking about her being sick. She didn’t want our pity. She wanted us to remember her for how she lived. Free spirited. Relentless. Passionate. Unique.
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Life is short   
04:42pm 23/10/2010
  An unfinished Newport left behind before going to the hospital.

It is with much regret that we need to say this, but we are no longer able to perform at SMack! this Halloween. Our mother who we've been living with to help her since she was diagnosed with Lung Cancer a year ago has taken a turn for the worse. The cancer is spreading very rapidly, and the operation/chemo has failed. Instead of months or years like we were told last week, the prognosis is now just days. We checked her into hospice care, and will be taking shifts staying with her until she moves on. We will hopefully be able to perform at SMack! some other time, as we were all greatly looking forward to it. Thank you to everyone for understanding.

Mom is an artist, usually creating dark and abstract works, enjoys Electronic and Industrial music, attended our shows frequently, and was at the Electronic Saviors release party where some of you may have had the chance to meet her personally. She is not just a parent, but a friend and fellow freak. While celebrating your Halloween this year, please keep her in your thoughts and have one in her honor. Her drink of choice has always been Jack and Coke. None of us, especially her, was prepared for this, and thought we had a lot more time on our hands. But once again, we are all reminded of just how fast and fragile life truly is. She just celebrated her 50th birthday while in the hospital. Life is short, and Death is mercilessly blind.

Some of you have already asked, so we will say it here. If anyone wants to contribute anything, be it well wishes or financial donations, we can accept them at our address below. There is no life insurance. No estate she will be leaving behind. Things are going to be quite tough in a multitude of ways, from helping to make her limited time as comfortable as possible, to organizing her ceremony, to finding a new place to live. We appreciate the concern expressed already by some of you. It means a lot to her, to us, and our family.


Original note on Facebook
Friends raising funds   
12:42pm 19/10/2010
  A few friends of ours and fellow independent artists each have Kickstarter fundraisers currently happening that we would like to bring to your attention!

The first one is by Morose & Macabre who are raising money to put on the next Atrocity Exhibition in Pittsburgh! We were fortunate to be part of the first one, and it was one of the best event...s we have seen unfold within Pittsburgh, bringing together dark and experimental art, music, and performance.

Morose & Macabre - Atrocity Exhibition 2001

The second project is brought to you by Caustic, who is raising funds to release his next album of insanity: The Golden Vagina Of Fame And Profit! Like we recently did with our "Displacement Disorder" album, Caustic is self-releasing this album and putting its fate in the hands of his fans and listeners.

Caustic - The Golden Age Of Fame and Profit

Shake out those piggy banks and help support some artists who we feel strongly deserve it and hope you do as well. Thanks!