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Life is short

An unfinished Newport left behind before going to the hospital.

It is with much regret that we need to say this, but we are no longer able to perform at SMack! this Halloween. Our mother who we've been living with to help her since she was diagnosed with Lung Cancer a year ago has taken a turn for the worse. The cancer is spreading very rapidly, and the operation/chemo has failed. Instead of months or years like we were told last week, the prognosis is now just days. We checked her into hospice care, and will be taking shifts staying with her until she moves on. We will hopefully be able to perform at SMack! some other time, as we were all greatly looking forward to it. Thank you to everyone for understanding.

Mom is an artist, usually creating dark and abstract works, enjoys Electronic and Industrial music, attended our shows frequently, and was at the Electronic Saviors release party where some of you may have had the chance to meet her personally. She is not just a parent, but a friend and fellow freak. While celebrating your Halloween this year, please keep her in your thoughts and have one in her honor. Her drink of choice has always been Jack and Coke. None of us, especially her, was prepared for this, and thought we had a lot more time on our hands. But once again, we are all reminded of just how fast and fragile life truly is. She just celebrated her 50th birthday while in the hospital. Life is short, and Death is mercilessly blind.

Some of you have already asked, so we will say it here. If anyone wants to contribute anything, be it well wishes or financial donations, we can accept them at our address below. There is no life insurance. No estate she will be leaving behind. Things are going to be quite tough in a multitude of ways, from helping to make her limited time as comfortable as possible, to organizing her ceremony, to finding a new place to live. We appreciate the concern expressed already by some of you. It means a lot to her, to us, and our family.

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