Prometheus Burning (pr0_burn) wrote,
Prometheus Burning

RE: A Brave New Era of Misogyny

DJ Pathogen has written some heavy words regarding the latest Combichrist video and the subject of the rampant misogyny spreading in some areas of Industrial music. We thank him for summing up in one well-written article a complex subject that we have been troubled over and struggling with in this scene for quite some time now. It seems like for every step of forward progress made in regards to women, power, and respect, we see unimaginative and adolescent garbage like this video attempting to take it two steps back. We hope your words do not fall upon deaf and desensitized ears Matt. If this is a glimpse of the Industrial revolution, music and visuals stripped of all intelligence and artistic substance while appealing to the lowest common denominator, filled with hatred, intolerance, and childish tuff-guy machismo, then it is a bleak and sad future indeed.

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